Children of the Days


“Eduardo Galeano’s winningly eccentric Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History is packed with enough rogues and history changers to last a lifetime.”
Vanity Fair, Hot Type

“With each passing day, details of an important event—or one lost to history’s selective memory—illuminate the humanity and barbarism of our species. Good and evil, beauty and ugliness, generosity and greed—all are juxtaposed to great effect…. [T]his is a heady portrait of the human story rendered in broad, though no less incisive and affecting, strokes.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Galeano’s many readers will surely find this secular calendar appealing.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“In retrieving these stories from their historical exile, Galeano redeems their dignity and reanimates their tale. More than the mere act of commemoration alone, these vignettes illume the dark and disregarded corners of our collective past (and act, perhaps, as bulwark against repeating its myriad misdeeds)…. Eduardo Galeano composes prose as resplendent as some of his subjects are sorrowful. With ever the eye for the neglected, distressed, oppressed, and maligned (spanning thousands of years), he creates beauty where once there was betrayal, and intrigue where ignorance once thrived. From the familiar to the obscure, Galeano masterfully recollects and rescues from amnesiac disregard those for whom history has never made room…. Galeano makes an offering of his art so that we may yet be reminded of the inherent brilliance, dignity, and wonder of a life consumed not by belligerence, fanaticism, and the shallow pursuit of wealth but one that is instead receptive to the voices of others and the world at large.”

“Eduardo Galeano is the great master of fragments and splinters, a prince of the absurdly truthful. Children of the Days, his Calendar of Human History, is an immensely varied gathering of facts and oddments and truths and stories of every kind. Underlying them all is a passionate and humane concern for the underdog, the poor, the forgotten. How this can be so funny and at the same time so moving is a great mystery.”
—Philip Pullman

“Bedtime stories, you remember?  This is a book of stories for each day of the year, addressed to adults.  Stories of the historical human venture.  Each story half a page.  Put it beside your bed and the bed of those you love.”
—John Berger

“What category to put our beloved poet-historian, historian-poet in? Galeano is truly a Scheherazade. He keeps me morally awake, while also lifting my spirits with his ability to reveal in story-form the deep, sweet humanity which rebounds even after the cruelest moments of history. Reading Galeano, I’m often reminded of Joseph Conrad’s claims for what writing should do: ‘art itself may be defined as a single-minded attempt to render the highest kind of justice to the visible universe, by bringing to light the truth, manifold and one, underlying its every aspect.’ That is reason enough to stay morally awake!”
—Julia Alvarez

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